If you cannot login with the License Manager, this may have 3 possible reasons:

1 - You´re probably using an old version of the License Manager (1.0 - 1.2.3) which might cause the License Manager to not letting you login. The new version 1.2.5 should fix this problem. Please download the newest version here: Download latest update of License Manager

2 – You might just have mistyped your username or forgotten your password. Please use this link to RECOVER YOUR PASSWORD

3 – You may have different usernames and might use the wrong one. Sometimes, customers mistype usernames or checkout by creating multiple accounts. Please check the order confirmation emails sent to you from VIZPARK to check if you might have used different emails or usernames.

4 – You don´t have a VIZPARK user account yet (sometimes during checkout customers forget to create an account, checking out as a guest, without creating an account). In this case, please first create an account on the VIZPARK website, then send us a support ticket with your USERNAME and ORDER number, so we can assign your license(s) to your user account.